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  • I've never used a cattery before. What's the process?
    Never used a cattery before? Don't worry, it's fairly straightforward. Here's what happens and what you need to do: Decide what dates you want the cattery to look after your cats and how many pens you need and whether you will drop off/collect your cats or whether you want the cattery to do this for you (at an extra cost). Make sure your cats are in good health and up to date with their vaccinations (the cattery will want to see your vaccination certificates) and have been treated for fleas and wormed. Submit a booking request by email, phone or via the booking form on the website. The cattery will check whether they can accept your booking and get back to you with a decision. If the cattery accepts your booking they will agree with you the time that you drop your cats off and the time that you pick them up OR the times that they will drop off/collect your cats. They will also ask for a deposit to secure the booking. This can be paid by cash, cheque or card. You can also pay the deposit with a card using the link that the cattery emails to you in their Booking Confirmation email. On the day that you drop your cats off you will need to bring your cats in a secure cat carrier, with their vaccination certificates. If you like you can bring a few small toys. Don't bring anything too big though as the cattery staff need to be able to easily move around your cat's pen. Some people bring tea-shirts or towels or small blankets so their cat's have something familiar to smell from their own home. The cattery stocks plenty of wet and dry cat food and this is included in the price you pay. You can bring your own food though if you wish. The cattery provides all of the food bowls, bed linen and litter trays, so don't worry about those.
  • What happens to my cat while I'm away?
    Our motto is... "We provide the love while you're away" ...and we mean it! The best part of our job is cuddling the cats...if they allow us to. Some cats don't want a cuddle and we have to respect their wishes. Apart from that we keep the pens nice and clean and make sure your cat is well fed and watered. Where there are cats from the same family sharing a pen, we keep an eye on them to make sure they are getting along with each other ok. If there are any trouble makers we move them into their own pen. Fortunately, our pens are pretty big so the cats tend to find their own spot away from each other if they want to.
  • Are all cats suitable to be boarded?
    The short answer is no. Most cats get on just fine in a cattery but a few don't. It's down to you to work out which category your cat falls in. If your cat is mega aggressive then theres a good chance the experience will be stressfull for them, especially when the cattery staff enter the pen to clean it and put down the food. If your cat is super nervous then again they might find it stressfull or in some cases they may get so scared that they bolt and run into a wall. Thankfully, this is very rare and most cats overcome their nerves within a couple of days. Usually, by day three the cat starts to bond with the cattery staff, relax and have fun. Will my cat pine for me? No. Cat's are not sentimental like dogs. We're pretty sure they love to see you when you return from your trip but to be honest they don't pine, they just settle in get on with it. If your cats allow us to cuddle and fuss them we will. That's our favourite bit and it helps to bring a bit of fun to their days with us.
  • What happens if my cat gets ill?
    When you drop your cat off to us we will ask you about your cats health, the vets you use and any emergency contact details you wish to leave us. If your cat falls ill we will contact you to let you know. if we cannot get hold of you we will ring your emergency contact and discuss the best course of action with them. If we cannot get hold of your emergency contact the cattery manager will decide what to do. If the cattery manager takes your cat to the vet then you will be liable for any costs incurred (medical & transport costs) and must settle up when you collect your cat. The cattery manager reserves the right to take whatever course of action that they see fit for the welfare of the cats in their charge.
  • Do I need to supply the food?
    That's entirely up to you. The cattery stocks most of the big name brands of wet and dry food and their food is included in the price. If however you wish to provide your own food then you are more than welcome to. It doesn't affect the price.
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